Many organisations from schools, to offices, local government to security establishments, need to use significant quantities of expensive technical, IT and audio visual equipment or machinery as part of their daily work activities.

Increasingly this equipment is portable, everything from mobiles, laptops or tablets, to cameras, projectors and small medical items.

For all your property security Dantech’s labelling systems can help with a range of secure, tamper-proof security labels to suit your purposes and equipment.

ID Mini Mark

Suitable where ID labels are needed on mobiles, PDAs, digital pens, USB memory sticks, cameras and small parts, tools, laboratory and surgical instruments and other small medical items.

ID Mini Mark asset labels use 21st Century label technology to laser-engraved text and data into the surface of an Acrylate material for a permanent, high contrast and durable image. Mini Mark tracking labels are also tamper and scratch proof, weather resistant and suitable for most environments.

Our in-house workshop offers a flexible and cost effective solution to many label requirements in both large and very small sizes.

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Tamper Evident Labels

Suitable for security labelling and warranty applications.

Anti-tamper labels made of high quality polyester and vinyl materials with tamper evident features providing clear evidence if removal is attempted.

They will either leave a "VOID" message if removed or break into small fragments thus providing clear evidence of tampering.

Top quality 3M high strength and holding acrylic adhesive ensures high bond to most surfaces.

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Silver Mark Computer Marking

Suitable for tablets, laptops, mobiles, where chemical etching won't penetrate.

An all-purpose UV security marking stencil supplied with UV ink to provide clear identification for valuable equipment.

Each security stencil contains name and other key details and can include sequential numbering to easily trace your assets. Cannot be removed in one piece and will break into small fragments if removal is attempted.

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